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Time to say goodbyeeeee!

I'm proud of the achievements I have made throughout this following year and believe me I will continue to challenge, push and dedicate myself to the work I do as I always do. This year has taught me alot about acceptance; acceptance in people and behaviour, acceptance for failure and most importantly acceptance in determination. Because no matter what has tried to bring me down or step in my path, I've never faltered in achieving what I wanted. Persistence will always be my key to things, even if it's not in others. Bring on 2019 with new goals, new achievements and new ways to fail! #beyourowninspiration #keeppushing #bye2018 #hello2019

Tis the season is to be giving!

This year, I decided to invest myself into a project I felt so passionate about after visiting the homeless in April. Many of them were suffering from the cold and not a lot of clothes were donated to ensure they had a warm night's sleep. So my mission this year was gather clothes from various different places such my work place at Nandos, people I know (both at theatre and friends) and random people who wanted to donate. I managed to collect a whopping 7 bags of clothes, shoes, jackets you name it. I couldn't believe how much I had gathered from such a small idea. When I then went to drop these off to the local group I had volunteered with before, not only was I greeted with such a warm wel

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