Steve Baker

January 01, 2020

 "The fast flowing action needed a generosity of spirit on stage that suited Jade’s talent and tireless work ethic. Always willing to take direction she also contributed many ideas along the way and knitted scenes together with sensitivity, stagecraft and maturity. She once again proved to be a very giving actress and a natural comic on stage. 

  Jade had the difficult job of engendering audience participation which she accomplished with aplomb. Her natural warmth shone through engaging both walkers and audience, and the scene throbbed with vibrant energy thanks to both her enthusiasm and well developed physicality. 

     Jade played the role of several marshalls each well observed and nuanced. She made good use of her voice with appropriate pitch, tone, diction and volume for each character. However, it was her facial expressions and timing that set her apart on stage as a natural comic. The nature of the play meant that Jade had to take responsibility for countless scenery changes and movement of props.

  As a director knew I could always rely on Jade not only to undertake her own tasks with precision but also to cover up for others not quite on the ball.

  I would always be keen to have Jade on board in any play. She commands the stage, learns lines easily, feeds off other actors and is eminently watchable. Jade was a joy to work with and I look forward to casting her again in future productions."

Director of "Cheshire Cats"

Noel Preston-Jones

October 30, 2018

"Jade is first and foremost a capable and adaptable actress with a good understanding of stage work. But almost as importantly, she is an enthusiastic team player who mixes well with everyone and offers the joie de vivre that does so much to make the team’s experience enjoyable. At our auditions Jade’s vocal range and stage presence stood out – and I would have been happy to cast her in any of the female roles in this production.   It has been great working with Jade and I very much hope that she will be involved in many more of our productions in future."

Director of "The Hound of the Baskervilles"

Sam Crawley

September 30, 2017

"Jade is an actress whom I've only had the joy of meeting very recently. She is someone who is very easy to talk to, and to discuss and create ideas with; hence how this project came about at all. I asked her if she would like to record some dualogues from a plethora of work I had lying about, and she was more than happy to both comply and collaborate with this daunting idea. She has a very quick ear, impeccible timing, and is never one to want to hog the spotlight; which in my opinion made these recordings both easy on the ear and generally warm to listen to. I would also like to note that Jade had not seen any of the scripts until the morning we recorded, and she seemed to know and understand the characters and the lines far better than I did myself!

 Jade managed to bring something fresh to every role she encountered, and above that she had such a professional yet friendly manner that it never really felt like we were working at all, it was more like we were both doing what we both enjoyed which made it all the more fun. With these recordings Jade has brought out both the humanity and the inhumanity in the characters she read, and gave them such an immediate depth and tenacity of spirit that if an opportunity ever arose to produce any of these scripts she would most certainly be someone I would want to have somewhere in either the cast or the crew.

 Jade is certaintly the sort of actress I would enjoy working with again. And she will constantly be in mind when composing and refining the worlds and characters created in my humble little texts."

Writer of "Those Angry Skies," "The Smell of Old Copper," "Mothercare," "Smile for the Ladies," and "If She Should Hear Me?" 

Chris Morrison

September 19, 2017

"I worked with Jade on an amateur production which was performed at a Plymouth church in July 2017. We were asked to produce the show at relatively short notice, and although I was called the co-director, I worked primarily on the script and left everything else to Jade. Jade soon showed that she was more than capable of both handling the cast, (who initially probably had doubts about her abilities) and also of bringing this production to fruition.

   I was only asked to direct solely for the one week she was on holiday, and to be truthful I couldn't wait for her to return, I was very impressed with Jade's versatility and the energy she put into it. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Jade again if we were asked to produce something similiar."

Script Writer of  "DON'T ASK"

Chas Burns

March 29, 2015

"Make no bones about it, Ms Callender with every part of working theatre is on the money! She is deliberate and dedicated in her work and to be this strong in performance at this stage in her life will only prove positive for future roles. No complaints. A hard worker and able to take direction accurately."

Director of "Shaun of the Dead Live"

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